Our story begins on March 14th 2018 in Belgium. A documentary on schools which are affected by air pollution sparked protests. As alarmed parents, we took to the streets because we’re fed up with car-dominated cities, and the harmful effect their exhaust fumes have on our children’s health. We named our movement Filter Café Filtré. Like before we drank coffee together every Friday, yet no longer on the playground, but on the street.

In Brussels, how we move around the city is already starting to change. Make this a reality in your own town, city or even country and join Schools for Clean Air.

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Health report

Want more info on the air pollution crisis?

Want more info on the air pollution crisis ? What are the impacts of NO2 on our health ? And that of our children ?

Read all about it in this report.


What is Schools for Clean Air's solution*?


Schools for Clean Air has a vision of a world where quality of life and people’s health are more important than the use of polluting cars. That means we need cleaner air, more green spaces and safer roads.  It means more space for walking, cycling, public transport and less for polluting cars.

To make this vision a reality, we are calling for:

  1. Air pollution legal limits to be respected around all schools.
  2. Car free streets to be created around all schools.
  3. Better infrastructure so that more of us can walk, cycle or use public transport.
  4. Improved public transport powered by renewable energy.
  5. No new investment in existing road infrastructure without parallel investment in clean transport.
  6. Promotion of shared electric vehicles (powered by renewable energy).
  7. More, better planned and accessible public green spaces.
  8. Improved road safety for pedestrians and cyclists with a focus on safer crossings, especially near schools.
  9. An extensive network of air quality measuring stations across our cities
  10. A public information campaign to raise awareness around  air quality, road safety, and the climate.

*inspired by the original Filter Café Filtré Manifesto.